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100% mycelium mini grow kit
Growing your own fresh shrooms only takes a little bit of effort. View our 100% mycelium mini grow kits, which have a volume of 600cc. These are perfect for beginners or people who want to try a new type. Review our selection on this page and you may even start growing your own shrooms soon!

Growing magic mushrooms is a bit easier than you might think. The 100% mycelium mini grow kits have been developed to an extent that many of the difficulties have been resolved. But what is mycelium and what does it mean when a grow kit is 100% mycelium? Let’s take a moment to explain. Mycelium is the network of hyphae (fungus strands) that is underground. This is what mushrooms grow from. 100% refers to the presence of potential shrooms. A grow kit with 100% mycelium offers you the maximum potential for a great batch of magic mushrooms.