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Bingo House Evaluation

Welcome to the bingo house of fun where players may have a good time. This site, launched in 2002, is as visually appealing for its vibrant logo as it is for its extensive collection of games. Visitors to the platform will quickly notice the platform’s design, which has a strong purple backdrop. The remainder of the material is layered on top of it and stands out appropriately. Players may simply access their accounts by clicking the log in button in the upper right-hand corner of the page, or by selecting the register tab next to the log in button if they are new to the site. Just under this are a number of tabs that direct players to other aspects of the Bingo House website, including as the gaming lobby, promotions, and information about the site’s history.

Despite their claim that they provide all pertinent information and background about themselves, there is no proof that the site is licensed or controlled. Indeed, after doing some investigation, we discovered that previous evaluations of this website indicated that they do not compensate their affiliate partners. This may not directly harm players, but it raises the worry that if they treat individuals who are meant to collaborate with the site in this manner, what will they do with their gamers.

Additional Concerns

Additionally, there is no proof on-site that it is controlled by anybody. There is no certification on the site as to whether Bingo House complies with gaming and compliance rules established by authorities. When I read the frequently asked questions on the site, they address queries regarding the site’s authenticity in a very general and simplistic manner – without providing any specifics about whether it is truly controlled. While this may be true, the fact that they do not make this explicit on the site raises severe concerns for gamers, particularly considering their track record of mistreating affiliate partners. Online bingo lovers should use extreme caution while registering with a service.

Some Positive News

Despite this pretty grave issue, gamers will be relieved to learn that the platform will be accessible through mobile devices. Despite its longevity, the Bingo House website has made a concerted effort to make their website and games compatible with mobile devices such as Android and Apple products. At the very least, the expanding number of mobile gamers is accommodated!

Another nice aspect of the site is that they have made a concerted effort to clarify the meaning of various bingo jargon terminology as well as the charitable initiatives organized by the site. While it is commendable that they have made such a big push for their community initiatives, one cannot help but believe they might be better positioned to make a larger effort disclosing information about the site’s licenses.

Inadequate Quality

Despite the website’s stated goal of being a one-stop shop for all bingo players, the number of rooms available to users is fairly unimpressive. There are just seven rooms on-site, although several of them are only available late at night. For instance, two of the rooms open everyday at 7 p.m. CET, while another is not accessible until 12 a.m. CET. To add insult to injury, two of the remaining four rooms are only available late on weekends.

With players constantly having such limited access to bingo games, it begs the issue of how this site can claim to be a bingo house… Perhaps it would be more accurate to characterize them as a bingo shed. Despite their scarcity, one advantage of these bingo rooms is that they provide a progressive jackpot for players to win. It definitely adds another dimension to the bingo games, which is a plus for this site.